Surviving encroaching major social, environmental and economic change in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
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A Thousand Barrels a Second

Beyond Oil

Blood and Oil

Crude Awakenings

Oil, Food and the Coming Crisis in Agriculture

Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook

Farewell Fossil Fuels

High Noon for Natural Gas

Peak Oil: a User's Guide

The Battle for Barrels

The Coming Economic Collapse

The End of Oil

The Long Emergency

Twilight in the Desert


Two particular challenges have been encountered when looking for suitable information links to list here. The first was locating up-to-date information in a rapidly changing society. And the second was finding New Zealand-specific content. It is doubtful whether we have entirely succeeded in either area, and so look forward to improving this page based on your feedback and suggestions.

Transition Towns Initiative - Hawke's Bay
Transition Town initiatives are bringing people together out of a desire to explore how we - and our communities - can respond to the twin challenges of climate change and peak oil.

Hawke's Bay Local Currency Community Exchange
A community-based trading network using a money other than our familiar national ones — an alternative, parallel, local, community and complementary currency system.
While much of the original information on this extensive (equivalent to around 1000 A4 pages) New Zealand-based site is now dated, links to new information are periodically added to the bottom of the home page.

The Future (NZ)
Haven't yet thoroughly explored this site, but it does appear to contain a considerable amount of NZ-related material, and some particularly 'interesting' graphs and charts.

PriceWatch (NZ)
PriceWatch provides a snapshot of the fuel transaction prices throughout New Zealand. Data is a minimum of 24 hours old and is sourced from fuel purchase transactions that are processed using Cardlink fuel cards.

WinterPower Watch
The WinterPower Group has been set up by the power industry to monitor national hydro storage levels, winter power demand, and to provide all New Zealanders with accurate, up to date information about the outlook for electricity supplies during winter 2008.

The OilDrum - Australia & New Zealand
This is the regional part of the parent site, hosting discussions about energy and our future.

EnergyWise (NZ)
Being wise about the energy choices you make will save you money - at home, on the road and at work. You've got the power to choose! Includes information on building design, alternative energy and government funding.

FuelSaver (NZ)
How much do you spend on fuel? How much can you save? Car x distance x fuel x habits = fuel costs per year. Also covers a number of fuel myths and tips.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NZ) - Solar Energy
There is plenty of solar energy in New Zealand that can be harnessed in many areas. On average, New Zealand has about 2000 hours of bright sunshine each year. In energy terms, New Zealand’s solar energy resource is about 4 kWh/m2 per day.

ASPO (Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas) New Zealand
ASPO-NZ studies peak oil indicators and strives to make national governments, local governments and the public aware of the serious consequences associated with the dwindling supply of our most useful source of energy and most universal industrial raw material.

James Howard Kunstler
Never one to pull his punches, this American social commentator and author (featured in The End of Suburbia) produces a no-holds-barred updated newsletter - dealing with peak oil and the financial & political situation - every Tuesday. - Crude Oil Spot Prices
Constantly updated crude oil spot prices from many sources, including Bent, Tapis, Dubai and WTI, plus a graph showing the increases since the beginning of the year.

Hastings District Council
A wealth of information and resources dealing with the Hastings community.

Napier City Council
A wealth of information and resources dealing with the Napier community.

Hawke's Bay Regional Council
A wealth of information and resources dealing with the Hawke's Bay region.
Great tasting fresh New Zealand vegetables are the best in the world! This site is crammed full of fantastic ideas to help you eat and enjoy them.

Plants for a Future
An extensive resource centre for rare and unusual plants, particularly those which have edible, medicinal or other uses. Although it is UK based, lots of the plants are available here.

Mitre 10 Gardening Guides
An extensive range of information covering vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, companion planting, organic gardening, worm farming, making compost - and a NZ gardening calendar.

Palmers Garden Centres
Check out particularly the how to, easy gardening and garden calendar tabs at the top of their page.

Ohio University - College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
A huge selection of printable fact sheets (for the full list, click the Fact Sheet Title List at the bottom of their page). Seasonal date references will need to be adjusted for NZ.






























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