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Survival Hawke's Bay Resources on CD-ROM

The Hawke's Bay Survival Resources CD contains a number of printable PDF (Acrobat Reader) documents which may help all of us cope in the event that the fallout from peak oil and other factors — widespread financial decline, escalating fuel and food prices, the end of cheap imports, dramatically reduced tourism etc — may be upon us sooner rather than later. Main areas covered are Energy, Food, Health, Security and Transport.

While some of these large articles are also currently available for download from this website, due to upload limitations on our hosting server we cannot guarantee they will remain so. It was also felt that by placing them on a CD (with a user-friendly menu which automatically appears when the CD is inserted) they would become available to those without broadband access, in a very portable format.

Featured documents include:

  • Where there is No Doctor - 494 pages
  • Where there is No Dentist - 240 pages
  • Handbook of Medicinal Herbs - 893 pages
  • Dioscorides De Materia Medica - 1011 pages
  • The US Army Survival Manual - 233 pages
  • Beat the Bird Flu Virus - 40 pages

This CD is available for a $10 donation from:

The Environment Centre Hawke's Bay 220 Russell Street, Hastings.
Phone: (06) 870 4942 Email:

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